McFarlane's Military Official Lineup; Coming May 2005
Friday, January 14, 2005

McFarlane Toys is proud to finally announce the official lineup for one of our most-anticipated lines of the year. The first in our ongoing McFarlane's Military series is set to be released in May of 2005.

A line of soldier action figures is a concept we've been tossing about for quite some time. After taking a long look at what was currently available on the market, we thought we had something to add. Our take on soldiers will -- at least in the beginning -- focus on modern American troops from all major service branches. We will put out series of soldiers in accurate uniforms and equipment, and sculpted in real, life-based action poses.

These are not generic, static "army men"; they're fully detailed representations of American soldiers in authentic uniforms and equipment, sculpted in standard McFarlane scale (6 to 7 inches). We may someday branch out into other countries and other time periods, but for now we're concentrating on the current four main branches of the military.

Here's the lineup for Series 1:

We are moving right along in the sculpting of this initial line and should have final approved photography and more details to share soon. Neither the Department of Defense nor any of its components has approved, endorsed or authorized this product.