Remainder of 2005 Lineups to be Revealed on Jan. 21
Friday, January 14, 2005

Oh, man, next week is going to be a great one for McFarlane Toys collectors who visit Here's the deal: On Friday, Jan. 21, we'll unveil the remainder of McFarlane Toys' 2005 action figure lines here on

Well, there may be a line or two that we have to hold off on for legal reasons, but you're definitely going to get about 99 percent of everything we're offering in 2005.

In some instances you'll get new photos. For some lines, you'll get complete or partial lineups. For others, particularly those later in the year, you may only get a line name that we'll fill in with additional information as it's available. Regardless, you're about to get a huge dose of McFarlane Toys.

Now if we could just find a way to digitize the new toy smell ...

Anyway, make sure to stop back on Friday, Jan. 21 and have a bunch of spare time when you do.