Newest Digital Extravaganza to go live Friday, Jan. 28
Friday, January 21, 2005

The long-awaited release of McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King action figures is nearly here. This line of six figures (five clamshells plus a deluxe boxed set) will surely change your view of Dragons -- and their origins -- forever.

To pass the time until these figures actually hit your local shelves, the crack designers have put together an online feature sure to make you shake at the wrath of the Dragons.

This special feature will highlight the details of each figure, additional never-before-seen photography, packaging shots, QuickTime VR films and some other special surprises. Oh, and don't forget that each Dragon features a portion of an all-new McFarlane's Dragon mythos in the package.

As a reminder, McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King consists of these figures:

The Dragons feature is set to go live on on Friday, Jan. 28. The line should hit stores in February 2005.