Event an Overall Success; Five Contest Winners Announced
Friday, August 05, 2005

McFarlane Toys' and's illustrious road gang made their third trip to the National Sports Collector's Convention in Chicago last week, providing collectors with a chance to purchase an exclusive Nomar Garciaparra figure and to eyeball some of our upcoming Sports Picks releases.

The 6-inch Garciaparra exclusive figure featured him sliding into second base in Chicago's road blue jersey.

Fans who came by the McFarlane Toys booth were able to take a "sneak peek" at some upcoming lines, including: packaged samples of MLB 13 and NFL Legends; painted samples of NFL 11; and two-up sculpts of Barry Sanders, Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre 2, Mark Prior, Julius Erving, Larry Bird, the Komodo Clan Dragon and the Army Ranger.

There were many highlights during the show. Collector's Club Manager (and devout Chicago fan) Dave Hughes met Bears legend Gale Sayers and also acquired a chair from old Comiskey Park. Robert Ashton (from our Spawn Store in Tempe) chatted with Penny Marshall (who is a huge fan of our products) and Dolly Konwinski (who played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League). Sports Brand Manager Mark Weber visited with Phil and Tony Esposito, as well as a few dozen members from our message board and our #1 fan Ryan Kaplan.

We held a contest for those who weren't able to get to Chicago for the show. Five lucky winners were randomly chosen; each will receive an exclusive Garciaparra figure. The winners are: