Todd McFarlane's Super Hero Titles Set To Invade Comic Shops This Fall (and Beyond)
Friday, August 26, 2005

The milestone 150th issue of Spawn will not only be the beginning of new direction for the Hellspawn - led by Todd and the incoming creative team of David Hine (writer) and Philip Tan (artist) -- in the pages of his core book, but also the opening shot in a comic book barrage that will include the much-anticipated release of the Image Comics Hardcover, all-new Spawn trade paperbacks, the first-ever English-language release of the Spawn manga and much more...

Spawn Milestones Online Feature
The newest Feature is up and running! Filled with behind-the-scenes details on the upcoming 150th issue of Spawn, including artwork (get a sneak peek at the alternative covers provided by Jim Lee and Greg Capullo), creator bios, wallpapers and details about the issues leading up to the events of #150.

Visit the Features section of to check it out, or click right here.

Image Comics Hardcover
Todd McFarlane returns to comic books with a much-anticipated tale that will see his creation, Spawn, come to terms with the emotions that first led him to his current state of being -- that of a damned soul on a quest for redemption through an after-life filled with violence and deceit.

Penciled and written by Todd, the Spawn story in the Image Comics Hardcover ties directly into the events of issue #150 and sets the stage for things to come.

Available in both a standard hardcover format for $24.99 and a special signed and numbered slipcase edition for $75.00, the Image Comics Hardcover will be available at finer comic book stores everywhere this November.

Spawn Collection Volume #1
Long out-of-print and highly-sought after by both longtime and brand-new followers of the Spawn mythos, we are proud to announce the release of the first in an on-going series of trade paperbacks collecting the early issues of this long running comic book franchise.

Spawn Collection Vol. #1 contains the stories and artwork (by Todd, himself) that set the groundwork for the most successful independent comic book ever published. Re-printing issues 1-8, 11 & 12 -- all illustrated by Todd McFarlane and featuring the introduction of not only Spawn, but a number of other memorable and menacing characters -- such as Malebolgia and the Violator.

This initial 240-page collection will be on sale in October in both softcover ($19.95) and hardcover ($39.95) formats.

Spawn Manga Volume 1
This ain't no Pokemon, folks. Volume #1 of the Spawn Manga is the first 200 pages in a 600-page epic that sees the Spawn mythology depicted as it has never been before. Originally published in Japanese as Shadows of Spawn -- now translated into English for the very first time -- this tale of the eternal war between Heaven and Hell showcases a number of classic Spawn characters, along with a few fan-favorite action figures that make their comic book debut. Top that off with original characters, both good and evil, and you have a story like nothing you can imagine.

Look for the Spawn Manga, available in softcover ($19.95), this November.

And this is all just the beginning people. The start. The opening salvo. The floodgates have been smashed to pieces and nothing can stop what is to come.

Stay tuned right here for all the latest Spawn news, as we will be sure to fill you in on the newest developments on each of these projects as well as anything new that is headed your way.