McFarlane Toys Brings the Dead to Life
Friday, September 23, 2005 and McFarlane Toys have long had a good working relationship with what some people would call the undead (ahem, Spawn, anyone?), and it is with the warmest of hearts (still beat, beat, beating in our chests) that we now offer -- to those of you currently biding your time up here in the land of the living -- a deeper look inside a magical, and wholly original marriage of stop-motion and pure imagination. Enter the world of an unsure young man named Victor and the beautiful, blue-skinned and dearly-departed Corpse Bride.

Our newest online feature has been carefully crafted with an eye toward the afterlife. An in-depth mix of imagery and information that can be used as a tool to further strengthen your knowledge of our Tim Burton's Corpse Bride action figures (and other assorted odds and ends), or simply for entertainment purposes as you casually browse through each section in search of the next mesmerizing tidbit.

What you are about to discover -- despite its charmingly cryptic title -- is not about despair or regret. Here, death is not to be feared. Here, death is simply the next phase of life. A musically hypnotic and beautifully realized fairy tale about lost love and finding that one true connection in a world cast in uncertain shades of gray.

So, without hesitation, without looking back -- we invite you to venture forth into a world of old bones and broken hearts as you take your first steps into Tim Burton's latest masterpiece of childhood wonder. In other words, say hello to the...

...Corpse Bride.

This feature is filled with photography of our 6-inch action figure assortments, 3-inch mini-figure collector sets, mini-plush and fashion dolls, as well as packaging photos, the 360-degree vantage point of QuickTime VRs, and your first look at a handful of other Tim Burton's Corpse Bride products headed your way from McFarlane Toys.