McFarlane Toys Unveils Photos of the Third Series of Our Popular Dragons Line
Friday, October 21, 2005

McFarlane Toys is set to unleash the next evolution of our continuing dragons mythos with McFarlane's Dragons Series 3. Made up of a five figure assortment, as well as a deluxe boxed set, all of the Dragon Clans are represented by an array of new and exciting species -- some more dangerous than others, but all most certainly a threat to the rule of mankind.

In an ancient realm where legendary beasts are thought to be nothing more than whispers on the wind, a new collection of Dragons comes forth into the world. The mysterious Dragon Clans grow larger with each passing year as new species swoop down from the clouds or emerge into the light of a new day from their cavernous homes amongst the jagged mountain peaks. Seldom seen by man, those of you reading this should count yourselves lucky, as you will be the first to see creatures which until now had been thought to be nothing more than myth.

Berserker Dragon Clan 3 -- A ferocious and mindless beast with a rage unmatched in the natural world. The demonic features of this particular dragon have led some to proclaim it the "Devil's Beast." A creature that has clawed its way up through the crust of the Earth from the depths of hell itself. Of course, this is only legend, a folktale to scare small children. Or so the people tell themselves.

Eternal Dragon Clan 3 -- Nesting atop a high perch, a member of the Eternal Dragon Clan is ever watchful against predators as she gives birth to a new crop of winged hatchlings. Known mostly from the stories of the "Winged Riders," it is said that humans have captured and tamed Eternal Dragons for use as transportation -- as well as for other, more terrifying deeds.

Fire Dragon Clan 3 -- The lava pits of the volcanic Northern Range are ill equipped to sustain human life, but there are monsters that have no such worries of the flesh-searing heat and sulfuric air. Venomous and unpredictable, the Fire Dragon Clan is said to guard large treasures from long-lost civilizations. None, however, have lived to tell the truth of such tales.

Komodo Dragon Clan 3 -- From far-off lands come tales of "dragon warriors" -- beasts fitted with armor and sent forth to destroy in the name of some unknown cause. It all seems rather peculiar to the ears of the common man, but there soon may come a time when the clouds of a new war cover the land and the unthinkable will become as commonplace as the fields of the dead and dying said to be left in the wake of these giant, living weapons.

Water Dragon Clan 3 -- The crystal blue waters of the Southern seas have long been home to some of the best fishing waters the planet over. But something dangerous lurks down deep beneath the waves, where the pure blue fades to midnight black and the broken hulls of a thousand ships serve as the forgotten tombs of sailors long since lost to the land of the living. Many have made a very nice life for themselves hoisting their nets into these waters, but they do so with the knowledge that members of the Water Dragon Clan glide somewhere down there, through the darkness below.

Sorcerers Dragon Clan 3 (deluxe boxed set) -- To most, dragons are nothing more than superstitious tales spun to entertain or frighten. Dragons, to most, never have and never will truly exist, but there are those who know better. How long men of magic and the wise dragons of the Sorcerers Dragon Clan have gathered to conduct clandestine rituals is unknown. Yet, across the lands, hidden away from the prying eyes of the huddled masses, secret meetings between unlikely associates are conducted upon sacred altars.

McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King Series 3, including an all-new chapter in the on-going Dragons mythology written by Todd McFarlane, is scheduled to be released early in 2006. Stay tuned to for more details.