Plus a Contest That Will Make Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True
Friday, December 09, 2005

Instead of chatting online with babes all day, our art department is putting the finishing touches on our Napoleon Dynamite feature, scheduled to go live right here next Friday, December 16. It's taken them like, three hours just to do the shading on Trisha's upper lip.

Will the online feature have a butt-load of cool things? Heck yes it will! Complete product photos, figure specs, QuickTime VR movies, exclusive downloads and information on where to buy.

McFarlane Toys' Napoleon Dynamite action figures will hit stores right after Christmas. Each figure comes with built-in sound files. With the push of a button, you can hear some of your favorite lines from the movie's soundtrack. To see photos of the figures before the feature goes live, go here.

But wait -- there's more! We've got one flippin' sweet contest for you.

McFarlane Toys and Twentieth Century Fox are giving you the chance to win the prize package of all prize packages. One LUCKY winner will receive a set of McFarlane Toys' soon-to-be released Napoleon Dynamite figures, the official Napoleon Dynamite DVD signed by Jon Heder (aka Napoleon -- what friggin' idiot doesn't know that, GOSH!), a floor-to-ceiling poster of Napoleon Dynamite also signed by Heder, and a San Diego Comicon Heder-signed mini-poster. I know, it's a lot. Good luck. Everyone is eligible to win.

Click here to enter.

Peace out.