Web Sites Honor Dragons, Military and Spawn
Friday, January 27, 2006

The Web site has published their Top Picks for 2005, based on the their "extensive knowledge of toys and true hands-on play." McFarlane's Dragons were singled out as Best Horror/Fantasy Figures.

"It was McFarlane Toys that impressed us the most in 2005 with both variety and style," the site says. "While dragon toys are nothing new, McFarlane's take on the scaled monsters stunned collectors with a blend of creative design, realistic sculpt and intriguing background story. Not one, but two Dragon lines were released last year (with a third slated for release this spring). Each consisted of five unique 'clans,' each ranging radically in traits and appearance: from red, fire-breathing beasts to blue, ocean-dwelling reptiles. The one that delighted us the most was the Eternal Dragon Clan 2 Deluxe Boxed Set, featuring a dragon with an 18-inch wingspan and an in-scale 2-inch tall rider. If only plastic could fly..." also cited Spawn Series 28: Regenerated among their Best Comic/Cartoon Figures of 2005, saying the figures, "blew collectors away with some of the coolest sculpts in years. The slick robotic Cyber Spawn 2, ornate Mandarin Spawn 2 and gun-toting Commando Spawn 2 stood out as must-haves."

Meanwhile, over at, McFarlane's Military were recognized as Best Military Figure in their Best of 2005 Readers Choice Awards.