Fourth Series of Popular Fantasy Line Unveiled for All to See
Friday, March 17, 2006

The world of McFarlane's Dragons continues with the introduction of the fourth series in our ever-growing line of fantasy-based action figures. Introducing six all-new creatures of the massive reptilian species from the various Dragon Clans, McFarlane's Dragons Series 4 also offers fans the opportunity to read the latest chapter in the McFarlane's Dragons saga.

Set in a long forgotten past, this brand new story from the mind of Todd McFarlane (and packaged along with the Series 4 deluxe boxed set) tells of a time when dragons ruled the planet and how they eventually met their cataclysmic end in a civil war that tore apart their once-peaceful existence.

The Fall of the Dragon Kingdom

BERSERKER DRAGON CLAN 4 -- The first multi-headed dragon to be featured in a McFarlane Dragons line, this ferocious beast is sure to be a fan-favorite.

ETERNAL DRAGON CLAN 4 -- Elegant, and yet obviously a beast to be reckoned with, the newest addition to the Eternal Dragon Clan is highlighted by a classic pose that truly showcases this graceful, but dangerous beast.

FIRE DRAGON CLAN 4 -- Another in a growing collection of decidedly vicious creatures representing the feral Fire Dragon Clan - wings spread and talons tensed for the strike.

SORCERERS DRAGON CLAN 4 -- Among the most iconic figures in the McFarlane's Dragons collection, this figure depicts another member of the great Sorcerers Clan complete with a mysterious and mystical orb.

WATER DRAGON CLAN 4 -- A hulking behemoth from the depths of the sea, the newest Water Dragon continues the tradition of unique and varied design work showcased in the three previous Water Dragon Clan offerings.

KOMODO DRAGON CLAN 4 (deluxe boxed set) -- The great beasts of the Komodo Dragon Clan are represented in this magnificent deluxe boxed set, featuring an all-new species of dragon, as well as a mysterious human figure.

The deluxe boxed set also comes with the first telling of -- The Fall of The Dragon Kingdom.

McFarlane's Dragons Series 4 is set to be released later this year. Stay tuned to the news section of for more details. Enjoy the photos.