TODD McFARLANE LAUNCHES NEW POP CULTURE MEGASITE AUG. 1 Poised to be 'One-Stop-Shop' for Everything Entertainment
Friday, July 28, 2006

It's been obvious for years: Todd McFarlane has his finger on the pulse of pop culture. And we here at the McFarlane Companies are on a constant search for what makes things tick inside the collective psyche of all things entertainment. The natural next step in the evolution of the McFarlane Companies is here, and we're calling it

Set to go live August 1, Todd McFarlane's new pop culture megasite is set to become the one-stop shop of choice for everything entertainment. If it's going on and people are talking about it, you will find it on Regularly updated content on will include:

-- and MUCH MORE.

The McFarlane Companies' Web site,, currently receives more than 2 million visitors per month -- and McFarlane hopes that providing the built-in fan base with extensive complete pop culture coverage will keep them coming back for more -- and attract additional loyal followers as well.

Get ready. It's coming Tuesday, Aug.1. When culture goes pop, it goes CultureBoom.