Lottery Sign-up Now Live
Friday, August 11, 2006

We are proud to announce the latest feature of our new online store -- the Product Lotteries section. Here, you can enter for the chance to purchase all of our exciting Collector's Club Exclusives including the 2nd Edition Deion Sanders Exclusive figures. Just click on the Product Lotteries link, log in to your user account and enter the Deion II Lottery! With just one click and you're automatically entered. Sorry, only one entry per customer.

The Deion lottery is scheduled to run until midnight ET on Sunday Aug. 20. That following week, we will randomly select the winners from all valid entries received. Winning entrants will not be notified by email -- the only notification will be through the Product Lotteries section of the online store. All lottery participants will be able to check their standing at any point during the lottery by logging into their account and going into the Product Lotteries section.

Once winners have been selected, they will have two weeks to purchase.

Winners will be given one opportunity to purchase the two Deion Sanders figures in the online store immediately after they are selected.

This sale will be for our entire stock of these two figures -- contrary to what may have been rumored, this will be the first release for this product. Please note: the exact time of the random drawing and the start of the lottery sale will not be announced. Check product details for more information.