Six Brand New Figures Bring a Variety of Spawns to Life
Friday, September 08, 2006

Next spring, the long-running Spawn series of action figures returns to its hyper-detailed roots with Spawn Series 31: Other Worlds. This new series will focus on a number of different Hellspawn-ed characters from various Spawn-related comic book titles both old and new.

Selected from a very long list of action figure requests pulled from our Toys message board (located right here on, McFarlane Toys is proud to announce the latest Spawn action figure lineup (along with brief details about what you can expect from each figure).

NECRO COP -- The Necro Cop appeared in the Spawn: Simony one-shot, and has been a favorite among fans and collectors since the story's debut.

Created using a fusion of cybernetics and the very fabric that makes up Spawn's cape, the Necro Cop was constructed by human hands, and posed a very real threat to Spawn if it was given the time to learn how to control its vast array of Hellspawned powers.

SPAWN 11 -- This all-new Spawn action figure is based on Al Simmons' appearance in the core Spawn comic book. Whether that look will be centered on his current costume or a more traditional version has yet to be revealed.

SPAWN THE MARAUDER -- Based on the title character from the upcoming Spawn: Godslayer one-shot comic book.

A mighty conqueror who has cut a violent swath through the ranks of the Old Gods. The Marauder, known by many as the Godslayer, has now set his sights on the kingdom of Endra-La, where he seeks to continue his bloody conquest.

GODDESS LLYRA -- Also based on the soon-to-be-released Spawn: Godslayer comic book.

The Goddess Llyra stands as the protector of the island kingdom of Endra-La. She stands as the last, best defense against the coming of the Godslayer, Spawn the Marauder.

LORD COVENANT -- Based on the fan-favorite character from the Spawn: The Dark Ages comic book.

NIGHTMARE SPAWN -- This terrifying vision is based on Spawn's appearance in fan-favorite Hellspawn comic book series and captures Al Simmons at his most demonic.

More information on this lineup will be made available as we continue to move forward with development. Stay tuned to for all of your action figure updates.

Spawn 31 action figures are scheduled for release early 2007.