First Look and New Info on Our Upcoming 2007 NFL Sports Picks
Friday, March 30, 2007

It's almost Opening Day, and the NBA and NHL Playoff races are in full gear, but it's ALWAYS football season and McFarlane Toys has some previews and images for your perusal from this fall's NFL Sports Picks series.

NFL Series 15 Photography
Our NFL 15 lineup is due on shelves in early September and features four Sports Picks debuts, plus new sculpts for a pair of longtime favorites and an extra-large Surprise Figure. Here's your first look at the prototypes for NFL 15:


NFL 3-Inch Series 5 Photography
McFarlane's Sports Picks offers stunning detail at a smaller scale too - our 3-inch NFL figures are a hit with younger collectors, and people with a little less display room. The 2007 3-inch NFL series is scheduled to hit stores in early July - here's your first look at them:>>McFARLANE’S SPORTS PICKS: 3-INCH NFL FOOTBALL SERIES 5

NFL 2-Pack
In years past, we've honored the Super Bowl teams from a the previous season by putting two of their players together in a box set (2003's Rich Gannon vs. Derrick Brooks and 2006's Matt Hasselbeck vs. Troy Polamalu). We've adapted that logic for 2007, and will be offering Collector's Edition figures of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher this fall. Stay tuned to for more info and prototype photos of these two boxed sets.