Are You Ready for Some Football?
Friday, June 29, 2007

McFarlane Toys' NFL Sports Picks Series 16 is coming this fall, featuring a pair of West Coast running backs, two veteran stars with new teams, a rookie quarterback coming home and the finest cornerback of this era.

Brady Quinn - Notre Dame's quarterback phenom slipped in this Spring's draft, but ended up exactly where he wanted to - suiting up for his hometown Cleveland Browns.

Champ Bailey - The term "shutdown cornerback" only begins to describe the talents of Denver's electric defender. Gambling quarterbacks often complete more passes to Champ than to the receiver he's defending.

Frank Gore - Long known for their "West Coast" offense and a finesse passing game, Gore brings some thunder to the 49ers offense. With 1,695 rushing yards in his second year, we wonder how big his encore might be...

LaDainian Tomlinson 4 - San Diego's backfield howitzer tore up the NFL last season, and ruined thousands of fantasy leagues in the process. Tomlinson sports San Diego's updated 2007 uniform, and grabs a drink following yet another touchdown gallop.

Steve McNair - The longtime Titan is set for his second season in Baltimore, with his team positively loaded and ready for a run at the championship.

Terrell Owens 2 - Settled and healthy in Dallas, the mercurial wideout seems focused on bringing the Cowboys back to the dominance they enjoyed a decade ago.

NFL 16 is scheduled to arrive on shelves in early November.