New News Is Good News In 2008!
Thursday, July 26, 2007

McFarlane Toys starts 2008 off with a bang featuring new line concepts including: Warriors, Fantasy, WWII, Halo and small scale figures. Take a look at the lines we’ve planned for the first half of 2008, and if you’re interested in our McFarlane Sportspicks brands (NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA) you can find their upcoming lineups at this link:


Here is a first look at what will be on shelves in 2008.

Dragons Series 8 (due in stores January 2008)
The last line in the popular McFarlane Dragons series features four entirely new dragon sculpts and the exciting conclusion to the Dragon story.

3" Military series 1 (due in stores February 2008)
We are proud to offer our popular present day military figures in a brand new scale! The new 6 figure lineup will feature an all woodland camouflage paint scheme to collect and display.Spawn Series 33 - Age of Pharaohs (due in stores March 2008)
Set in the time of the Egyptians a new Spawn rises to meet his destiny. Features six all new sculpts.Halo Series 1 (due in stores March 2008)
Master Chief must take the fight to his enemies, and finally put a stop to to the Covenant’s never-ending onslaught.Halo Series 1 vehicles (due in stores March 2008)
Halo vehicles re-created in die-cast metal.Military Series 7 (due in stores April 2008)
McFarlane’s Military is proud to showcase our newest assortment of realistic real-world military figures.** NEW ** Warriors of the Zodiac Series 1 (due in stores May 2008)
2008 is the year of the Zodiac -- 3 series featuring figures inspired by all twelve astrological signs. From Todd McFarlane - and entirely new take on zodiac mythology!** NEW ** Fantasy Line Series 1 (due in stores May 2008)
McFarlane announces an all new Fantasy based line for 2008. Expanding the McFarlane aesthetic to the fantasy world with all new sculpts, this new brand will introduce creatures.Fantasy Series 1 Boxed SetElvis Gospel (due in stores May 2008)
From the final song of the ‘68 Special, The King of rock ’n’ roll commemorated singing his first televised gospel performance.

** NEW ** Military WW II Series 1 (due in stores June 2008)
The debut of McFarlane’s World War II-era 6-inch figures features four soldiers from the most pivotal battles of the greatest human conflict in history.Military WW II Series 1 Boxed Set (due in stores June 2008)
Bringing breathtaking accuracy and stunning detail to the most collectible military era our first WWII Boxed set captures the intensity of battle.Spawn Series 34: Classics (due in stores June 2008)
All new sculpts highlight four classic Spawn line favorites.Halo Series 2 (due in stores June 2008)
Through the fog of war, one man stands as the last hope for victory against the might of the Covenant legions.Halo Series 2 vehicles (due in stores June 2008)
Halo vehicles re-created in die-cast metal.12-Inch Master Chief (due in stores August 2008)

Mini Dragons (due in stores July 2008)
The latest Dragon offering from McFarlane highlights 6 firebreathing favorites in a new smaller size.