Win An Exclusive Pewter 'Shannon' Figure From LOST Series 1
Friday, August 03, 2007

In honor of the launch of our LOST Series 2 online feature, McFarlane Toys is holding an exclusive contest for all of our myspace friends. The theme behind this contest is "Which character from the TV series LOST would you like to be lost with and why?" We are looking for the most creative story detailing who you think would be the best character to be lost on a deserted tropical island with. Would it be Locke for his advanced survival knowledge? What about Jin just because you love seafood so much? The choice is yours! You have the entire LOST cast to choose from.

Post your story in this myspace blog by Friday, Aug. 10, and we will choose the five most creative stories to be posted in a winner's blog on the following Wednesday. Four chosen winners will each receive a figure from McFarlane Toys' LOST Series 2 collection, and the best, most creative story will win an exclusive pewter Shannon figure from LOST Series 1 signed by Todd McFarlane, LOST's "Hurley" - Jorge Garcia, and the TV show's executive producer, Bryan Burk.

Winners will be contacted via myspace on Wednesday, Aug. 15, so if you don't have a myspace page, sign up now to participate in this awesome contest!