Six Tied in a Playoff Race to the Death to Win a Year's Worth of Figures
Friday, October 19, 2007

This year's baseball season had some surprises and some predictability, too. Who'd have expected the Indians to be giving the Red Sox the battle of their lives? Or for the Rockies to have swept the playoffs to go to their first-ever World Series? Baseball addict Todd McFarlane took a stab at predicting the order of finish for the MLB regular season and did pretty well, although he also thought the Diamondbacks would win it all. Sigh.

We invited our fans to try and "Beat Todd's Picks" via an automated online contest at While a fair number of you competed at or near his level, six submissions stood out for their exacting accuracy.

We currently have six folks deadlocked in a tie -- at -20, with 0 being a perfect score -- following the postseason. They are:

- Russell Mars
- Bill Wyce
- Leo Alarcon
- Andrew Kostek
- Terry Cornelius
- Jonathan Sutyak

We're currently in contact with these guys and have arranged a World Series battle to decide which one gets the grand prize: every regular McFarlane's Sports Picks MLB action figure released in 2007. Stay tuned for the final winner announcement.