She Scores Complete Line, Signed by Todd McFarlane
Friday, November 30, 2007

Paramount Pictures' Beowulf has been doing gangbusters at the box office, raking in $40 million its opening weekend, making it the No. 1 film of the week.

Our complete line of Beowulf action figures captures the central characters of the film, as only McFarlane Toys can. And now one lucky winner scores a really cool prize package.

Sonia Paul of Kokomo, Ind. has won the Todd McFarlane-signed set of Beowulf figures, PLUS a pair of 3-D glasses to enjoy the IMAX movie in 3-D and the Comic-Con exclusive IDW Beowulf comic book.

Congratulations Sonia!

McFarlane Toys' Beowulf action figures are in stores now! To see them, go here.

Visit our online Beowulf feature here.