Plus, Twisted Letters To Santa Contest Winner!
Friday, December 14, 2007

The fifth update to our Twisted X-mas online feature is now live. Reindeer Rudy is in the spotlight this week - what made him go bad?

Rudy awoke cold and alone, a crushing pain searing through his skull.

The throbbing was so intense that it took his eyes several minutes to focus on his surroundings, but even when the view before him stopped spinning, the unfamiliarity of the scene was of no comfort to the shivering young reindeer.

Check out Rudy's photos, packaging, QTVR, concept art and back-story. And don't miss this week's bonus - a Twisted X-mas Activity Book!



They say you should be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. We asked you to send us your warped Letters to Santa - and you delivered. We received a ton of responses to our query on our Myspace page - all of them creepy, disturbing and unsettling. We had to choose one that stood out from all the others, and here it is:

Santa Claus,

I grow tired of our trivial games. You are the only one who shares with me this immortal burn that drives us to destruction. I am weary of this deadlock we revolve around, seemingly for eternity, grappled in each other's jaws with furious hate in our eyes.

I have come to an impasse and decided that my desire for an end to this centuries-old battle far outweighs the consequences of breaking the rules that She has decreed. I will kneel before Her and accept whatever judgment She hands down.

You, on the other hand, will face your death by my hand for the atrocities you continue to commit, and know all along that you had no chance of stopping it.

I have broken the golden rule, and employed the help of a mortal in my quest to end this stalemate. A boy by the name of Billy Jones, who sat on your naughty list for quite some time, was all too happy to assist in your death. He worked for an entire year at being a good little boy, just so he could lure you to his house this evening and leave a special batch of cookies out just for you.

Since I have had the decency to share with you the method of your death, I would appreciate it if you were to turn around, right now, so I can look you in the eyes as your heart begins to seize.

Yours Forever,

The Snowman

Congratulations to Don Jones, who wins a complete set of Twisted X-mas figures - each signed by Todd!