Sports Picks Lineup Takes You out to the Ballgame
Friday, December 21, 2007

McFarlane Toys presents our MLB 22 Sports Picks lineup, featuring a trio of longtime favorites, a pair of Sports Picks debuts, and two superstars debuting for new teams. Each player is offered in stunning quality, featuring authentic team logos, 2008 MLB uniforms and a detailed base. Enjoy the photography of MLB 22:

DEREK JETER 4: Our first new pose of the Yankees' captain since 2004, Jeter is offered in his first Sports Picks pose at the plate. His uniform features the 2008 All-Star Game and Yankee Stadium patches on the sleeves.

CARLOS LEE: One of baseball's most consistent sluggers makes his Sports Picks debut. After breaking out in Chicago and making pit stops in Milwaukee and Texas, Lee has signed on to patrol left field long-term for the Houston Astros.

CURT SCHILLING 3: The Red Sox gave up Brandon Lyon and a bag of Snickers bars to acquire Schilling from the Diamondbacks, and three years, two championships and one bloody sock later they couldn't be more pleased. Schilling enters what's expected to be his final season with his legacy firmly stamped in the hearts of Red Sox fans everywhere.

JOSE REYES: The Mets' sparkplug wreaks havoc on the basepaths, swiping bases at will and scoring runs by the dozen. The Mets are trying to trade for a starting pitcher this off-season, but any team that mentions Reyes' name hears a click and a dial tone...

ICHIRO SUZUKI 3: Seattle's offensive dynamo added a new trick in 2007, shifting seamlessly to center field. He plays a flawless defensive game, notches 200 hits every season, and holds runners still with a fearsome cannon arm. Suzuki rules the Pacific Northwest, and belongs in every argument about, "Who's the best player in the game?"

ANDRUW JONES 2: Jones leaves behind a legacy of power hitting and exceptional defensive play in Atlanta as he arrives to start a new chapter in his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

NOTE: Jones was a late addition to MLB 22, and photography of his figure will be available soon. He takes the slot originally held by Toronto's Vernon Wells. Look for the Wells figure to be available in the near future.

MLB 22 is expected to arrive in stores in early July, 2008.