Plus, Frank Gore K-Mart Exclusive
Friday, January 11, 2008

Todd McFarlane has revamped the 2008 NFL lineups in an effort to offer more figures of the league's best players, while simultaneously extending the sales window for the most popular Sports Picks series. He replaced two announced figures, the as-yet-unnamed "Rookie Draft Pick" figure and both surprise figures with Brett Favre, JaMarcus Russell, Tony Romo, LaDainian Tomlinson and Ben Roethlisberger.

In addition, we're pleased to announce our NFL 19 lineup - a four-figure line that will hit stores in late December/early January and feed off the excitement of next season's NFL Playoffs.

Take a look at the re-vamped NFL lineups for 2008:

NFL 17
Willie Parker - Pittsburgh Steelers RB
Brett Favre 5 - Green Bay Packers QB
Reggie Bush 2 - New Orleans Saints RB
Randy Moss 4 - New England Patriots WR
Tony Romo 2 - Dallas Cowboys QB
Joseph Addai - Indianapolis Colts RB
JaMarcus Russell - Oakland Raiders QB

NFL 18
Tom Brady 3 - New England Patriots QB
DeMarcus Ware - Dallas Cowboys DE
Brandon Jacobs - New York Giants RB
Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings RB
Devin Hester - Chicago Bears KR/PR
LaDainian Tomlinson 6 - San Diego Chargers RB
Ben Roethlisberger 2 - Pittsburgh Steelers QB

NFL 19
Clinton Portis 2 - Washington Redskins RB
Jay Cutler - Denver Broncos QB
Donald Driver - Green Bay Packers WR
Marion Barber - Dallas Cowboys RB
Stay tuned to for photography of these figures in upcoming weeks!

McFarlane Toys is proud to announce a new partnership with K-Mart - 80 percent of K-Mart stores will begin carrying our Sports Picks lines by the end of February, 2008. The first line being carried is our NFL 16 series, with an added twist. Approximately 200 K-Mart stores will be carrying an exclusive re-paint of our Frank Gore figure, featuring the 49ers' running back in his white uniform. Most of the stores are located in Northern California, with an assortment of stores in other states as well.


McFarlane Toys are becoming easier to find in Wal-Mart stores as well. Approximately 1,200 Wal-Mart stores are carrying our non-sports product (SPAWN, Dragons, Military, Halo, Legend of the BladeHunters, etc.) and Wal-Mart will add our Sports Picks lines to 800 new stores in 2008.

As always, if your favorite local store isn't carrying McFarlane Toys, you can always talk to the department or store manager - the customer's voice is rarely ignored.