Self-taught High Schooler Impresses Todd
Friday, February 22, 2008

Last week we had a visit from a young man who lives here in Tempe. John Micsko is a high school senior, a budding sculptor and he has autism. His grandmother, sister and the executive director of Arizona Autism United accompanied John to our offices. John is a big fan of Todd's work, and brought in his sculpts to impress Todd - and that he did. The two artists compared military weapons and dinosaurs and traded sculpting secrets.

"I am self-taught in the creation of miniature characters and objects," says John. "Since the age of three, I have been creating creatures and objects out of everything from tinfoil to cardstock to toilet paper rolls, and from anything else that could be bent or molded into shape.

At the age of 10, John discovered the clay he still uses today, and he has since made of hundreds of objects, learning as he worked, to put detail into the pieces that impresses everyone that views them.

"The inspirations for my work sometimes come from books and movies, and sometimes from nature," he says. "Each time I work on a piece, I concentrate on putting in as much detail as possible. Most often I create collections of like items such as warriors, dinosaurs, zombies or animals, and most recently guns and rifles used throughout history.

"As a person with autism, I have always been able to focus on individual pieces until they become exactly what I envisioned them to be before I even picked up the clay."

As we mentioned, Todd was impressed.

"It's always a pleasure to meet our loyal fans, who come from a wide variety of life experiences," he says. "John is an incredible kid who has kept a smile on his face and perfected his craft, in spite of challenges he faces every day."

John's sculpts can be seen at Art One Gallery at the Tempe Marketplace. Call (480) 894-0034 for information.