Mark Messier Celebrates Dual Citizenship
Friday, April 18, 2008

We've made a small twist to our NHL Legends 7 Sports Picks lineup. The line was originally designed as a salute to captains from the "Original Six" teams, but in retrospect, that doesn't build a line with much Canadian impact (only two of the Original Six teams are Canadian).

To make the lineup evenly split between Canada and the United States, we are delaying the release of our Terry O'Reilly figure until 2009, and will fill that slot with an Edmonton version of our Mark Messier figure. The re-vamped NHL Legends 7 lineup looks like this:

Messier and Gilmour's figures will be made in even splits between their two teams, and will ship in solid-packed cases to their home markets as well. Check back with us in the coming weeks to see the photo debuts for this lineup. NHL Legends 7 is scheduled to arrive in stores early this October.