Exclusively at Grosnor in October, Six of NHL's Biggest Stars
Monday, August 18, 2008

McFarlane Toys has enjoyed a long and beneficial partnership with Grosnor Distribution Incorporated, one of the largest collectible distributors in Canada. This fall, we'll be offering Grosnor several NHL figures with new looks to them, as well as the Sports Picks Debut of one of the league's top rookies. Here's your first look at the 2008 NHL figures heading for Grosnor:

In addition to these six-inch Sports Picks figures, Grosnor will also bring in a new supply of our most popular 3-inch NHL figures (Alexander Ovechkin, Martin Brodeur and Sidney Crosby) as well as a re-supply of two popular recent 6-inch Sports Picks figures (Johnny Bower and Sidney Crosby 2).

Grosnor distributes product into Zellers stores and specialty/hobby shops all over Canada.

Look for these figures to arrive on shelves this fall and stay tuned to for the first photos of the packaged prototypes.