Artwork for Historic Third Alternate Cover Released
Friday, September 19, 2008

This week, famed artist Greg Capullo's version of Spawn #185's cover was released on, providing an exclusive peek at the issue, reaching comic book stores in October. Spawn #185 will ship with three variant covers by Capullo, Whilce Portacio and Todd McFarlane; McFarlane inked all three versions.

The 185th issue marks a new direction for Spawn, which sees McFarlane returning to writing the title, with fellow Image founder Whilce Portacio illustrating.

Todd had definite ideas for the direction of the long-running comic, and knew Capullo could tap into his thought process for an unforgettable cover.

"I was looking for a simple, stark image," Todd says. "All the #185 covers will have a white background. I needed a visual for people to look at and say, 'Whoa, what is happening here?' and the answer to that question is inside the comic book. The cover is the teaser to what's inside, and where we're going with our new direction."

Capullo was up to the challenge. "Todd phoned me up and told me the type of image he was hoping for. So, away I went. When he saw what I had done, he told me it was too similar to the image (that I hadn't seen) that he'd done. So, the image you see is my second swipe at it. Kinda of cool, though. How we (Todd and I) think along the same lines, I mean. I love that."

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