mcfarlane donates "slap shot" figures for charity
Hanson Brothers Set Brings $300 for Utley Foundation
Tuesday, March 07, 2000


McFarlane Donates "Slap Shot" Figures for Charity

Hanson Brothers Set Brings $300 for Utley Foundation

March 7, 2000

Slap Shot

ESPN Radio 860 KMVP in Phoenix, AZ, recently held an on-air auction to benefit the Utley Foundation, which funds research for a cure to spinal cord injuries. The foundation's namesake, Mike Utley, is a former NFL lineman for the Detroit Lions who suffered a career-ending spinal cord injury during a football game in 1991.

    McFarlane Toys donated a set of the upcoming Hanson brothers action figures from the movie "Slap Shot," signed by Todd McFarlane. The winning bid was $285. When the victorious bidder came to KMVP to claim his items, he actually gave the Utley Foundation a check for $300.

    "Being a sports fan has a way of bringing us together, common ground for the common man. Todd McFarlane - for all his success, all his fame and all his vision - has impressed me with his generosity, accessibility and passionate approach to sports," said Ron Wolfley, one of the hosts of the Sports Grille show on KMVP.

    "It was an amazing day, as we dedicated our entire show to raising money for the Mike Utley Foundation," said co-host Dave Burns.

    "Todd's contribution was authentic, genuine and greatly appreciated. He's a regular listener of the program (at least we think he is for the number of times he calls in), and stepped to the plate immediately when asked to help out. He was a major part of our effort to raise over $10,000. Now, if he just would've given up one of those McGwire home run balls ..."