Rumor Mill Goes Into Full Production
Can You Believe Everything You Read?
Tuesday, May 23, 2000


Rumor Mill Goes Into Full Production

Can You Believe Everything You Read?

May 23, 2000

Since the Internet has been transformed from a scientific community to an amusing, infectious cesspool of gossip, innuendo and porn, we at thought we'd add a little garbage to the pile.

    What follows is a list of insider information flowing through the McFarlane offices. Some of these toy lines might not ever see the light of day, but it's still fun to talk about them. And for the ones that do get produced, well, you can say you read it here first.

    Let's start digging:

  • What about Little Nicky, the special-effects Adam Sandler-as-a-son-of-Beelzebub comedy due in theaters this fall? The word coming down the pipe is that this movie is hilarious and Sandler is really behind the push for McFarlane-style action figures. Be prepared for insanity in the toy aisles.

  • In even more film news (and you can never have too much film news, just ask Variety), we hear McFarlane Toys is negotiating a deal with Artisan Entertainment (The Blair Witch Project) for the rights of first refusal on all its movies. In human speak, that means McFarlane Toys gets the first option to make action figures from any Artisan film, including the upcoming Blair Witch Project II.

  • Just because a certain metal band is busy suing Web sites for copyright violations doesn't mean the band doesn't have other things on its collective mind. Like action figures. Word has it the band is excited over the much-rumored concept sketches that have been floating around. Now the questions: Will it happen? When? Long hair or short? Stay tuned, grasshopper, and keep head-banging.

  • How about the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club? A couple 2000 exclusives for members could be a certain X-Files character hidden away at Toy Fair and a certain nasty-tempered cigar aficionado.

        And that's all for now. Remember: Don't take what you read as gospel. All this is simply in the rumor stage for now. Still, sometimes rumors come true, kids.