the vicious rumor mill, round ii
Thursday, February 08, 2001



July 14, 2000

Since the response to our first rumor-mongering story was so great, we thought we'd have at it again. Here are the latest snatches of gossip floating on the airwaves at McFarlane toys:

  • Big fan of Animal House, Blues Brothers or American Pie, are you? You could be in for a shock when you cruise down the toy aisle next year.

  • And what about Clive Barker? It's no news to McFarlane Toys fans that the company has long wanted to produce a Pinhead (Hellraiser) figure, but it seems to be stuck in licensing limbo. Internet rumor has it Todd and Clive are working together to create a line of characters specifically for action figures.

  • It's no secret that McFarlane Toys has been pursuing Jerry Garcia's estate for action figure rights. Now we hear Jim Morrison's name being bandied about to add to the ever-growing music line. Will it happen? Let's just say these action figures are waiting to, uh, break on through to the other side.

  • The upcoming hockey figures not enough for you, jock boy? Word in the locker room is McFarlane is also pursuing that other hard-hitting American sport. You know, the one that involves tight ends, wide receivers and concussions.

  • Oooooo and the best of all? How about a video game based on, well, a recent series of McFarlane action figures.

    You read it here first.