SPAWN.COM NEWS gang heats up summerfest
Hellspawns House World’s Largest Music Festival
Friday, July 14, 2000



Hellspawns House World's Largest Music Festival

July 14, 2000

Summerfest, an annual entertainment festival held this year June 29 through July 9 in Milwaukee, bills itself as the world's largest music festival.

    Believe us, folks, it's true.

    The road warriors from visited the festival for the first time this year with the interactive Spawn van and were amazed at the size of Summerfest, the talent it draws and the sheer volume of fans that make the trek to check it out.

    Almost 950,000 fans packed the area over the course of the festival to see such acts as the Deftones, Promise Ring, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Filter and blink-182. Oh, and quite a few folks came to see us, too; several were waiting when we pulled in on June 29 to set up our display.

    And we made their wait worthwhile. We had hand-painted prototypes of Spawn Classic: Series 17 and the new NHLPA figures on display, along with new products like Rob Zombie, Slap Shot, and Bob and Doug McKenzie. Everyone was blown away by the detailing on these figures.

    We also gave away more than 200 items, including action figures and those spiffy new Spawn T-shirts and hats.

    The weather was great, oh, except for that one torrential rainstorm that blew down our tent. Unfortunately, we had to pack up the van to meet up with Ozzfest after only five days at Summerfest (much to the chagrin of the fans that visited our tent every day), but we had a tremendously positive experience in Milwaukee. Maybe we'll see you there next year.

1. Michael Nicolosi, the voice of the Clown on the Spawn animated series, poses at Summerfest with a hand-painted prototype of the Clown from Series 17.

2. A Spawn T-shirted fan shows off an action figure outside the booth at Summerfest.

3. A concertgoer shows off his new Spawn T-shirt at Summerfest.

4. A fan holds up the Dr. Evil/Mini-Me cycle set she won at Summerfest.

5. A Summerfest crowd gathers around the booth to check out our newest propaganda.

6. Copping a pose for the Spawn camera. Relax, now you're famous.

7. A few action figure winners hold up the free booty they won at Summerfest.