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Disappointment Reigns as McFarlane Fails to Make Annual No. 1
Thursday, November 30, 2000



Disappointment Reigns as McFarlane Fails to Make Annual No. 1

December 1, 2000

Death Row Marv | Alice Cooper and Al Simmons | Clown and Leatherface

Here we sit, looking in the mirror, wondering where we went wrong. That's right, friends, in a banner year during which we released some of the coolest action figures we've ever done, McFarlane Toys has somehow slipped from the heights of Rev. Rose's annual "Top 10 Warped Toy List."

    For those unaware, Rev. Christopher Rose, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Hartford, Conn., produces a list every year of toys he finds objectionable. After putting Ryan Hatchet (from the Curse of the Spawn line) atop the list in 1999, the best we could manage was fourth in 2000 with Death Row Marv.

    C'mon, Reverend. We couldn't squeak out first place with a figure in the electric chair? Geez.

    Anyway, the list gets a little more confusing. There seems to be a tie between Marv and the Alice Cooper action figure, though the story suggests the two are actually one toy. Weird.

    We also hit at No. 6 with Al Simmons and Clown from Spawn Classic: Series 17, and at No. 7 with the re-released Leatherface Movie Maniacs figure.

    Oh, well, there's always 2001.