classic spawn repainted, resculpted
Here Are All the Details on the Refreshed Series 17
Friday, December 08, 2000



Here Are All the Details on the Refreshed Series 17

December 8, 2000

Spawn Classic Series 17 was a pivotal line of action figures for McFarlane Toys. In response to demand from fans, the company turned its sculptors loose to create their interpretations of classic Spawn comic book characters.

    Originally released in July 2000, Series 17 marks the high point of McFarlane Toys, particularly in terms of sculpting and paint application. With the success of the line, Todd McFarlane cut the sculptors and painters loose again to modify the existing figures. Here's how they came out. Please note: all figure size and total articulation points are the same, though joint location may have changed. Click on an image below to see a larger view of the figure.


The new Spawn sculpt has a straight left leg rather than the bent one the original had. It also comes with a resculpted base.


The left leg has been resculpted in a slightly straighter pose so he can stand without the base, his left arm has a new piece of armor and there's a totally different paint scheme with gold and iron-colored highlights.


The new Al has a resculpted right leg and has been entirely repainted in an urban camouflage color scheme. He now has a knife and knife holder as well as an M-60 machine gun (instead of the original M-16 with grenade launcher) and a resculpted base.


The demon has a new greenish-gray reptilian color scheme and a resculpted head featuring a huge mouth.


The angel has an entirely new headpiece, a new forearm shield and a totally new paintjob with blue highlights. Even the tribal tattoo on her right leg is different.


The grotesque creation now has a mini-Violator tearing its way forcefully from Clown's belly. The Violator has several points of articulation, is attached by an umbilical cord and is dripping bright green Necroplasm.

Additionally, all packaging has been updated with new graphics and a blue color scheme. Look for them in stores in January 2001.