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The Creech: Out for Blood Hits Stores this Summer
Friday, March 23, 2001



The Creech: Out for Blood Hits Stores this Summer

March 23, 2001

The Creech: Out for Blood heralds Greg Capullo's return to his popular creator-owned character. The Creech will be a three-issue, bi-monthly mini-series of interlinked stories each with 40 pages of story and art. The book will be written, pencilled and inked by Capullo; this will be the first time he has inked his own pencils. The Creech: Out for Blood will be published by Todd McFarlane Productions.

    Capullo enjoyed his new role as inker. "It's really cool to challenge myself; this time I tried inking. Although I've never inked my own pencils before, I think fans will like it. The stuff looks bombastic."

    The Creech is about a scientific project gone wrong; very wrong. Dr.Battu is a gentle pacifist whose goal is to help the world better itself through genetic research. The pinnacle of his scientific experimentation yields the Creech. Engineered in the idyllic isolation of Battu's laboratory, the creature is born an innocent being with no conception of good or evil. Later, against Battu's will, the creature is genetically enhanced into a technological fighting machine by a nefarious government bureau simply known as The Agency. In a last-ditch attempt to save the innocent creature from the government's plans to exploit it for military purposes, Battu infuses the creature with his own pacifistic mind patterns just as he is murdered by rogue officers of The Agency. The genetically engineered fighting machine is an innocent no more -- he is now the Creech. The newly self-aware creature is a muddle of internal contradictions as the consciousness of the peaceful Dr. Battu struggles with its genetically engineered instincts for killing and destruction. Before the Creech has much of an opportunity to resolve these problems and discover his nearly limitless potential, he seemingly sacrifices his life to save Earth from alien invaders bent on the destruction of the human race.

    The new series picks up right where the original left off when reporter Chris Rafferty sees Agency Director Dross on TV. Rafferty is certain he saw Dross fatally impaled during the heated battle with the aliens where the Creech sacrificed himself. Now, if Dross is alive, Rafferty questions if anything he remembers actually happened at all.

    Dross, who has mysteriously returned from the dead, finds himself in deep trouble for having allowed his genetic engineering program to spin so far out of control. The disappearance of the Creech seems be the triggering event leading to an intergalactic war between two alien races.

    Capullo promises that fans who enjoyed the first Creech mini-series will also like Out for Blood.

    "Rest assured, the new Creech will contain all the elements people enjoyed - action, aliens and annihilation o'plenty - as well as thought-provoking subject matter as we delve deeper into the mind of the Creech," Capullo said.

    The long-awaited The Creech: Out for Blood mini-series will be released this summer in three double-sized issues of 48 pages each, at a retail of $4.95.

    Keep checking back in this section as we'll periodically add new Capullo artwork and other tidbits as they become available.