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How I Assembled IL6 ... and Maintained a Tenuous Grip on Sanity
Friday, March 30, 2001



How I Assembled IL6 ... and Maintained a Tenuous Grip on Sanity
by Dion Bozman

March 30, 2001

It all began on a whim, the way many ideas around the ol' office do ... "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we put together our own set of Interlink 6 figures just to show how easy it is?"

    Without thinking, I accepted the story assignment on deadline. How hard could this be, I thought to myself. I'm college-educated, military-trained. Heck, I can disassemble and reassemble an M-60 machine gun in a couple of minutes. In the dark. This hunk o' plastic is small time.

    But, as they say, forewarned is forearmed. Knowing there were some discrepancies on the printed instruction sheets, I downloaded corrected PDF instructions off of and read Steve the Victim's recent post on the Message Board.

    Piece of proverbial cake.

    I sat down on the floor of my office, surrounded by all six IL6 packages. Determined to maintain some semblance of order I unwrapped each figure in order and kept it with its package. In all honesty, it took almost as long to get the six figures and accessories out of the packages as it did to assemble the big robot. My huge pile of black twist ties attests to that.

    Then I got down and dirty. The thing I found right off the bat is it's best to take your time, read each portion of the directions carefully, study the picture and compare that to what you're holding in your hands. Do they match? Then go for it.

    Though time-consuming and occasionally frustrating, I found the IL6 assembly to be fairly straight-forward. The only real problems I had were on Step 10, as the outer ankle shields took some, how do I say this, physical urging to go into the thigh holes on LL4. Then you have to modify the rear guard a bit, per Steve's instructions. The only other sticky point I encountered was in Step 21, attaching RL3's arms into the holes on TS2. It helps if you clear some of the hoses out of the way first.

    It took me a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes to assemble the entire robot; that includes the time it took to remove all six figures from their packaging. Rumor has it that Todd McFarlane assembled one in half that time. Seeing as how he helped design the darn thing, we don't think it's a fair comparison.

    So you see, it doesn't take a nuclear physics degree to assemble Interlink 6. Just take your time, use your head and follow the directions. In a couple hours you'll have your very own gigantic robot to play with. For articulation lovers, does it have enough joints for you?