todd talks video games on 'electric playground'
TV Show Airs April 27 on Discovery Science Channel
Friday, April 20, 2001



TV Show Airs April 27 on Discovery Science Channel

April 20, 2001

Even though Todd might not be a frag king on Quake III arena, he certainly knows a few things about the gaming world and what games translate well into action figures. On Friday, April 27, you can find out what Todd has to say about it.

    Gamers across North America will want to turn off their consoles and tune into Electric Playground, the so-called "best video game show on TV." During the show, Todd and EP host Victor Lucas will talk about Metal Gear Solid toys (scheduled for release in November), and Todd reveals some of his thoughts on developing video games. The show is compiled from interviews conducted earlier this year at Todd's Tempe, Arizona, office and in New York during Toy Fair.

    Electric Playground can be found on the Discovery Science Channel on Friday April 27th at 7:30pm (EST/PST). Check EP's broadcast schedule for other showings. Discovery Science Channel is available on digital cable and satellite TV. Call your local provider for availability in your area.