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Win Toys, Comics and other McFarlane Goodies
Friday, May 10, 2002



Win Toys, Comics and other McFarlane Goodies

May 4, 2001

It's official contest time again, boys and girls, so let's play!

    This is your assignment, should you choose to accept it. In your mind, go away to that special place and become your favorite Spawn comic book character. Then, after resuming your everyday identity, head to your computer and write us a little story about it.

    Here are the details: We're looking for creative reasons why you'd want to be that particular character and what you would do. Choose any character you want -- the Hellspawn himself, Clown, Malebolgia, Redeemer, Overt-kill, anyone past or present from the core Spawn comic book - and dazzle us with your exploits. Be creative, but do it in 300 words or fewer. Send all entries to Put "SPAWN CHARACTER CONTEST" in the subject line and put your entry in the body of your e-mail; no attachments.

    Contest entries are due by noon, Friday, May 11. Winners will be announced in the News section of Friday, May 18. All judgments are final and are, of course, entirely subjective. It's up to you to amuse and enthrall the cynical cranks here at

    Your prize? Well, the grand prize winner will receive a huge box full of McFarlane Toys action figures, comic books and even a copy of the McFarlane documentary The Devil You Know direct from our Tempe warehouse. Two runners up will receive similar prizes, but on a smaller scale.

    So, go crazy, channel your inner superhero and send us an essay. We'll be waiting ...