shrek goes international
Film Opens Worldwide in Coming Months
Friday, June 15, 2001



Film Opens Worldwide in Coming Months

June 8, 2001

In international news, Shrek will be released on the following dates in these countries: Singapore, June 7; Italy, June 15; Hungary, Croatia, Australia and Slovenia, June 21; Turkey, Brazil, Thailand, Cyprus and South Africa, June 22; New Zealand, June 28; Mexico and the United Kingdom, June 29; and Taiwan, June 30.

    In July, Shrek will hit screens in Belgium, France and Switzerland, July 4; Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia, July 5; Austria, Colombia and Indonesia, July 6; Korea, July 7; Chile, Switzerland, Lebanon and the Netherlands, July 12; Poland, Panama and Spain, July 13; Czechoslovakia and Israel, July 19; Portugal, Bulgaria and Iceland, July 20; Venezuela, July 25; and Argentina and Peru, July 26.

    The remainder of the year includes Egypt, Aug. 15; Romania and Yugoslavia, Aug. 17; the Philippines, Aug. 22; Denmark, Finland, Greece and Sweden, Sept. 7; Norway, Sept. 21; and Japan, Dec. 15.

    Many international markets are just starting to see their shipments of Shrek toys. More will be trickling in over the next several weeks.

    For a complete lineup of current Shrek products click here. In other news, we've posted online Shrek instructions in seven different languages. Go here to check those out.

    Also, if you haven't been there, has a useful section detailing all the Shrek products associated with the film and where to buy them.