'shrek' breaks $200m barrier
Toys Continue to Enjoy Solid Sales
Friday, June 22, 2001



Toys Continue to Enjoy Solid Sales

June 22, 2001

Our Shrek master toy license continues to prove itself a winner. A month into the film's release, McFarlane Toys' selection of figures, playsets and plush continues to sell briskly and has consistently been first- and second-place sellers every week in Toys R Us stores nationwide.

    We're working on a promotion with DreamWorks Home Video to celebrate the release of the Shrek video and DVD later this year. And McFarlane Toys is still in development with new Shrek toys for the holiday shopping season.

    And the film? Well, it's still tearing up the box office. This animated fairy tale hit the $200 million mark on Tuesday, June 19, surpassing The Mummy Returns as the highest-grossing movie of the year. Analysts now predict the film will make as much as $240 to $260 million in the United States alone.

    DreamWorks' head of distribution Jim Tharp said, "Crossing $200 million this early out puts Shrek in the kind of rarified atmosphere that would be a fairy tale come true for any studio. The film's success speaks volumes about how well this movie plays to audiences across every geographic and demographic divide. We are thrilled that moviegoers are not only continuing to discover the magic of Shrek for the first time, but are going back again and again -- and taking friends. The resulting word of mouth has been a big part of the box office success and should continue to carry it throughout the summer."