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Spawn Series 21 Revealed
Friday, September 28, 2001



Spawn Series 21 Revealed

September 28, 2001

Just to keep everyone's knickers in a twist over the next few months, here's an advanced look at Spawn Series 21: Alternate Realities. (This will also save you the trouble of scanning and posting the Diamond Previews ad when it shows up in a few weeks!)

    This series focuses on the core Spawn character, reinterpreting his dark force into six wildly unique forms. There will be five blister-carded figures and one deluxe boxed set.

The upcoming Spawn Series 21 Previews ad. (Click each section for a larger image.)

Here's the Hell-born lineup:

    • Alien Spawn II, originally sculpted in Spawn Series 6

    • Pirate Spawn, inspired by Angela comic mini-series

    • Raven Spawn, based on the Hellspawn comic book

    • Wings of Redemption Spawn, based on Spawn comic book cover #77

    • She-Spawn II, originally sculpted in Spawn Series 4

    • Spawn VII, deluxe boxed edition, based on art in Spawn issue #83

Look for more S21 coverage on and during Toy Fair in the coming months. Spawn Series 21 is due in stores in mid-February 2002.