'shrek' comes home nov. 2
Video/DVD Release; New Costco Exclusive
Friday, November 02, 2001



Video/DVD Release; New Costco Exclusive

November 2, 2001

Shrek, the DreamWorks animated fairy tale so popular with viewers of all ages over this past summer, is set to hit stores shelves Friday, Nov. 2 on video and DVD. The DVD features some 11 additional hours of added footage and bonus features.

    Shrek was a huge hit for Dreamworks; the film currently sits in 13th place of the top-grossing films of all times in the United States. It took in some $267 million just in the U.S. alone.

    It was a hit for McFarlane Toys, too, which released a complete line of Shrek toys, action figures and playsets.

    In the most recent Shrek toy news, the Costco chain and McFarlane Toys have teamed up for an exclusive. Costco stores feature a specially packaged four-pack of Shrek 6-inch action figures: Dragon-Battlin' Shrek, Donkey, Shrek and Lord Farquaad. Check it out at a Costco near you.

    Finally, the Shrek Xbox game, featuring characters designed by Todd McFarlane, is due in stores Nov. 15.