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Be Clever, Enter This Contest
Friday, November 16, 2001



Be Clever, Enter This Contest

November 16, 2001

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The fine folks over at Origin Systems, the developers of Ultima Online and the upcoming Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, need your help. They've got a bit of a conundrum. You see, they have all these cool monsters designed by Todd McFarlane for the game, but they're one shy of cool names to go with those monsters.

    That's where you come in. Take a look at the McFarlane-designed four-armed monstrosity that accompanies this story. This creature will be added to the world of Ultima Online sometime in the future to wreak havoc on the people of Britannia. Your task? Come up with a suitable name for him.

    Your bonus? Well, the winner will obviously have his chosen monster name used in the game and will also have his real name added to the UO credits. To enter, simply surf to this URL -- Be sure to read all the instructions and rules before you enter.

    And be on the lookout for McFarlane Toys' UO action figure line coming in early 2002.