'altar boys' a hit at sundance
McFarlane Animation Adds Spark to Film
Friday, January 25, 2002



McFarlane Animation Adds Spark to Film

January 25, 2002

Todd McFarlane and his wife, Wanda, attended the 2002 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Jan. 18-20 in support of the premiere of the new Jodie Foster film, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. McFarlane created the animated sequences in the film.

    Altar Boys' initial screening was Jan. 18 before some 800 attendees, mostly media and industry-types. Following the screening, Todd participated in a question-and-answer session with Foster and director Peter Care.

    It was the first time Todd had seen the final version of the film. "I was surprised at how many laughs the film got," he said. Todd also thought the filmmakers did the right thing by making Altar Boys R-rated, rather than working for a PG-13. "The R-rating better serves the film," Todd said.

    Although Altar Boys didn't win any awards at Sundance, there are many people talking about it. The film received a write-up on "Ain't It Cool News," where one of the reporters included it in his "excellent" category, naming it one of his five favorite films at the festival.

    There was also a lengthy review of the film in Variety on Jan. 22nd, in which the critic thought the animation sequences were the strongest part of the film.

    The annual Sundance Film Festival is a premiere showcase for independent film.

    Altar Boys is tentatively slated for an early summer 2002 release.

    In other Todd McFarlane Entertainment news, the company has been talking with a Japanese firm about the possibility of making a Spawn slot machine. It would be a full-size, Vegas-style machine, which would talk to you when you won. If this deal goes through, you'll have to make a trip overseas to see it, as it would solely be for use in Asian casinos.