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Oilers Third Jersey a Winner Among Fans
Friday, February 01, 2002



Oilers Third Jersey a Winner Among Fans

February 1, 2002

Officially unveiled in a jam-packed media event on Oct. 26 in Edmonton, the Todd McFarlane/Brent Ashe-designed third jersey for the Edmonton Oilers hockey club continues to exceed all sales expectations.

    As reported by Dan Barnes of the Edmonton Journal, the last official count listed 17,000 Oilers third jerseys sold, though that number could easily have surpassed 20,000 by now, according to Darrell Holowaychuk, vice president of properties for the Oilers.

    According to Ross McCracken of The Hockey Company - which produces all NHL jerseys under the CCM and KOHO labels - the new Oilers third jersey "is the most successful third jersey ever." He reported that his company has sold twice as many third jerseys as it did Oilers home and away sweaters combined last year.

    Almost three years in the making, the new Oilers jersey represents a proud step into the NHL third-jersey program and is a singular vision of both the team's past and future.


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    Though the new logo is bold, dynamic and industrially modern, it's rooted in respect for the traditions of hockey's past. The new design's key element -- the oil drop -- is taken from the original Oilers logo. The five rivets encircling the oil drop represent the five Stanley Cups the team has won since its 1979 National Hockey League debut. The 10 gear teeth (five each on both the inner and outer rings) represent each of the Oilers' 10 team captains, who include such legends as Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier.

    In other new logo news, Oilers backup goalkeeper Jussi Markkanen had his mask painted in the new logo and colors. Check out the photo.