dickinson/mcfarlane introduce eddie
The Trooper Unveiled in Toy Fair Media Event
Tuesday, February 12, 2002



The Trooper Unveiled in Toy Fair Media Event

February 12, 2002

Bruce Dickinson, frontman for the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, made an appearance in the McFarlane Toys showroom with Todd McFarlane at Toy Fair 2002, on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

    Dickinson was in New York to promote the Iron Maiden Eddie action figures from McFarlane Toys. Eddie from the Killers album hit stores several weeks ago and is already almost entirely sold out.

    We also unveiled the second Iron Maiden action figure, Eddie the Trooper, based on The Trooper single from the Piece of Mind album.

    Dickinson and McFarlane held a media event in a specially constructed section of the Toy Fair showroom. After doing a VH-1 on-camera interview, the two opened the field to questions and a photo session.

    "It's simply fantastic," Dickinson said, staring in awe at both the displayed two-up size Eddie action figures, "what more can you say?"

    Dickinson said the band had always been hesitant when approached about action figures, particularly of the band members themselves.

    "Maiden has never been about personalities," he said. "Maiden is not a freak show and none of the musicians are cartoon characters ... that's why we have Eddie."

    The band was just as hesitant about action figures of their mascot.

    "Eddie's our baby and we didn't want to see anyone mess around with it," Dickinson said. They were relieved when McFarlane Toys - Eddie has been on our "A list" of potential music figures for some time, according to Todd -- expressed interest, as they knew our company would create a stunning likeness of the beloved Eddie.

    With about 20 years worth of reference material to work with, the McFarlane Toys sculptors had plenty to choose from. So why begin with the image from Killers?

    "Well, the simple answer is we had to start somewhere," said McFarlane. "We didn't really want to do anything of a chronological nature, we're interested in working with the Eddie images that are well-known and really visually appealing."

    McFarlane suggested that the Eddie figures would continue as a series, mining many of the best-known Iron Maiden images. He even suggested his favorite Eddie ... from the cover of Piece of Mind.

    Stay tuned.