full nba figure feature Drives the Lane on New Line
Friday, February 22, 2002


FULL NBA FIGURE FEATURE Drives the Lane on New Line

February 22, 2002

The in-depth features we, uh, feature here on are among the most popular areas of the site. The newest action figure line to get the full feature treatment (much like a day at the spa ... but that's a different story) is the upcoming NBA Series 1.

    This line features six of the hottest players in professional basketball:

  • Allen Iverson

  • Kobe Bryant

  • Tim Duncan

  • Jason Kidd

  • Vince Carter

  • Kevin Garnett

    As with all our figures, these guys are sculpted in action poses and include bases and balls.

    The feature includes additional photography of each figure, plus figure specs, accessories, QuickTime VRs, packaging photos, sculpt photos and much more. The feature for NBA Series 1, which hits stores in March, goes live on Monday, Feb. 25 in the features section of