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Friday, April 05, 2002



The Nuts and Bolts of Getting What You Need

April 5, 2002

We get a massive volume of e-mail here at central and we answer as much of it as we're humanly able to. We did attempt to train our newest contest monkey, Igor, to answer the mail, but he was unable to master the keyboard and kept spitting on the screen.

    Anyway, second only to date and romantic liaison requests to'mers from fans, this is the most prominent question: Where to find McFarlane Toys action figures.

    The first place to check is our retailer list here ( This list is broken down in a general sense of our biggest retailers and also by action figure line. Online retailers and foreign distributors are listed there as well.

    We're often asked which stores may happen to have a specific figure. Unfortunately, there's no way for us to know details of that nature. Ultimately, that's an inventory issue for the store in question and we have no way to track that sort of thing. The question often arises about variant figures, particularly in the sports lines. Since variants are generally randomly inserted in case packs, they're even more difficult to track. Again, we have no way of ascertaining if Roy's Toy Central in East Backwoods, California, has the super-rare Kobe Bryant figure wearing Nike instead of adidas. (Just joking, crazed collector, that fig doesn't really exist. No, really ...)

    Next is how to get older figures that are out of production. Again, it's very gray with no absolutes. Some series sell out quickly and eBay is your only option if you really want them. We have seen that, for older series, online retailers and comic book shops tend to have the best selection.

    Other than the Collector's Club exclusives shown in the Spawn Store at, McFarlane Toys does not sell direct. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is that we have chosen not to compete directly with our retailer partners. Could this change in the future? Anything is possible, but for now only the exclusive items shown in the Spawn Store are available direct.

    Finally, we do offer a Buy/Sell/Trade message board here on for your convenience. There you can work with fellow collectors to hopefully get what you need. Please read the rules on that board before using it.