new spawn store update on monday
Friday, April 26, 2002



Backboard, Lotus Repaint, Stands Available April 29

April 26, 2002

The Spawn Store at - the place for McFarlane Toys Collector's Club members to shop on the Web - will be updated Monday, April 29 with new exclusives available for purchase.

The new exclusives available will be:

  • Series 19 Lotus Angel Warrior repaint. This is the original sculpt initially released in the Samurai Wars line, but featuring a complete redecoration as demanded by fans. Lotus includes several new accessories not included in the original, and is packaged in a special collector's-edition clamshell. This exclusive is very limited in production and will sell for $10 each plus shipping; limit two.

  • NBA Backboard. As advertised in the McFarlane's Sports Picks: Basketball Series 1 packaging, the NBA basketball goal will be available. It features a clear acrylic glass area and is a scale replica of the basket used in the NBA. Works with any McFarlane Toys basketball action figure and is perfectly in scale to those figures. When fully assembled, the Backboard stands more than 15 inches tall. Sells for $12 each plus shipping; no limit.

  • Bag of Stands. In response to fan demand, the Club is bringing back the figure stands. These are black 2.5-inch stands with a peg that fits into any McFarlane action figure with a peg hole in its feet. Perfectly balances even the heaviest figure. Stands come 15 in a polybag for $5 plus shipping; no limit.

Also still available in limited quantities:

  • Body Bags. As shown in the Spawn Store. Cost $6 per bag of two bodies plus shipping; no limit.

  • Series 19 Accessory Pack. As shown in the Spawn Store. Cost $6 plus shipping; no limit.