canada gets more exclusive product
Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Several Limited-Edition Sets Scheduled For 2002
May 3, 2002

In a stunning reversal of fortune from the accepted norm, the Great White North has the lead in exclusive products from McFarlane Toys.
 OK, just kidding. But with the advent of McFarlane's Sports Picks, the number of collectors in Canada has reached the point where both McFarlane Toys and the retailers themselves are comfortable offering exclusive products to that country.
    There will be plenty of exclusives for the American audience and those either have been or will be fully detailed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we've created a couple of new boxed sets specific to Canadian audiences. Here they are:

  • The Maple Leafs Trio. This deluxe box features three Leafs players -- Mats Sundin (C, No. 13), Curtis Joseph (G, No. 31) and Alexander Mogilny (R, No. 89) - in home uniforms. The box includes all three action figures, bases, equipment and goal. This limited-edition will be available to all Canadian retailers in October.

  • The Breakaway features a boxed set of Joe Thornton (Boston Bruins, No. 19) and Jose Theodore (Montreal Canadiens, No. 60). This shooter on goalie two-pack includes both figures, all equipment, ice bases and goal. This box will be available in late September at a Canadian retailer to be announced shortly.

   Stay tuned for more exclusives news in the coming weeks.