new exclusives to toys 'r' us canada
Friday, June 07, 2002



Previously Announced and Brand-New Two-Packs

June 7, 2002

In a followup to a previously announced story, Toys "R" Us Canada will be the official retailer of two upcoming hockey exclusive two-packs from McFarlane Toys.

    The first is the already-announced set featuring Joe Thornton (Boston Bruins, No. 19) and Jose Theodore (Montreal Canadiens, No. 60). This shooter on goalie two-pack includes both figures, all equipment, ice bases and goal. This box will be available in late September at Toys "R" Us stores across Canada.

    The second Toys "R" Us Canada exclusive will be a Tommy Salo (Edmonton Oilers, No. 35) vs. Saku Koivu (Montreal Canadiens, No. 11) set. As with the other two-pack, this shooter-on-goalkeeper exclusive includes both figures, all equipment, ice bases and goal. What's unique about this one is Saku Koivu has never been produced in any previous McFarlane's Sports Picks: Hockey series. Tentative release information calls for this special package to be available in Toys "R" Us stores in Canada in November.

    No photos of the Salo/Koivu two-pack are available at this time, but we will post them here when they become available.