mlb series 2 figures heading to stores
Friday, June 14, 2002



Second Official Baseball Line Features Nine Players

June 14, 2002

McFarlane's Sports Picks: MLB Series 2 is on the move and due to hit retail stores by the end of June.

    As always, each of the nine players in the line is fully detailed in an action pose with official team uniform, equipment and custom base. Featuring a nice mix of offensive and defensive players, the line contains:

  • NOMAR GARCIAPARRA, Boston Red Sox shortstop, No. 5

  • ALEX RODRIGUEZ, Texas Rangers shortstop, No. 3

  • ROGER CLEMENS, New York Yankees pitcher, No. 22

  • KERRY WOOD, Chicago Cubs pitcher, No. 34

  • KEN GRIFFEY JR., Cincinnati Reds center fielder, No. 30

  • GREG MADDUX, Atlanta Braves pitcher, No. 31

  • DEREK JETER, New York Yankees shortstop, No. 2

  • BARRY BONDS, San Francisco Giants left fielder, No. 25

  • MANNY RAMIREZ, Boston Red Sox designated hitter, No. 24

    In addition, Baseball Series 2 features the following figure variations: Garciaparra in alternate uniform; Bonds in alternate and Big League Challenge uniforms; Rodriguez in alternate uniform; Mike Piazza (from MLB Series 1) in BLC uniform; Maddux in alternate uniform; Shawn Green (from MLB Series 1) in BLC uniform; and Ramirez in alternate uniform.

    Look for these McFarlane's Sports Picks: Baseball action figures in your favorite store beginning in late June.